The Silat Fitrah Online Learning Community

This is the place where Guru Tua Chris and I share with you our love of Silat Fitrah, teaching the art in a progressive, inter-connected manner, through a variety of carefully planned lessons, written material, and communal conversation.

We are an international learning community, with people learning in their own way, for their own reasons, at their own pace, whilst also getting to know the other members.

We provide content 6 days of every week. Our members are encouraged to treat this as a Library, open to them 24/7, which they can access whenever they choose.

 We provide: 

  • Two lessons per week, 15-20 minutes in duration, taught by Guru Tua Chris and Guru Eddie.
  • Six articles every month.
  • Two monthly 15-minute lessons focussing on Silat Fitrah as a Life Art.
  • Weekly “60 Second Sessions” and “Look & Learn” sessions taught by both Guru Tua Chris and Guru Eddie.
  • One Epiah Khan quote every week.
  • A Zoom Community catch-up on the last Sunday of every month, in which we join together, and individual questions are answered and topics explored.
  • Access to our Silat Fitrah Online Creative Community – a place where you can share your own personal creative expressions of your training in the art, and/or the lessons you have learnt. These can be in the form of stories, poems, photos, pictures or paintings, or any other art form.
  • The opportunity to send in films of your personal practice to Guru Eddie and receive feedback focusing on your progress and specific areas for development.
  • Early-bird access to our Silat Fitrah Seasonal Camps.


“The Silat Fitrah Online Learning Community has changed my life. I travel extensively, so being able to access a growing library of gripping content at my own pace, to structure my own training, is amazing. The function of regular bespoke feedback from Guru Tua Chris and Guru Eddie, really helps guide you on your journey. It’s truly joyous to be able to grow within a community, developing as a human being whilst making friends for life ...What else is there? ”

Connor Mcleod

“Joining the Silat Fitrah online learning community is one of the best decisions I have made. The instruction provided is world class, teaching the martial art of Silat Fitrah as well as many invaluable lessons on how to take the learnings into your every day life. The icing on the cake is the community itself, a great group of people, training, learning, having fun and exchanging ideas without egos. Highly recommended!”

Roy Moore

“The way Guru Tua Chris and Guru Eddie teach makes it suitable for all. The tuitional videos are done in such a way that they are easy to follow in small bite-size pieces, plus there are many training drills to practice. As well as that, Guru Tua Chris also gives much practical advice on how Silat can enhance your own life. It really is a life art. The Gurus really have created something special, and joining the community has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! ”

Matt Hudd

“A unique library! The Silat Fitrah Online Learning Community is a completely unique place; a unique library providing lessons in both the Martial Art and the Life Art that make learning accessible for all aspects of Life. It provides powerful principles and skilful methods for best movement and practice, all within a caring and supportive Community. ”

Guru Katherine Hill

“ I can’t praise this platform of learning enough!’ ‘I’ve found the Silat Fitrah Online Learning Community to be an invaluable resource for my martial arts journey. It gives access to a wealth of martial arts and psychological knowledge. Content is released daily so you can train and rewatch at your own convenience, allowing you to learn at a speed that’s perfect for you. And, no matter how many times you watch, there is always something extra to pick up. You also get the support of fellow practitioners on the Facebook group and inciteful feedback from Guru on any self-training videos you share. And then there’s the monthly Zoom Q&A session that always leaves my head spinning from the depths of knowledge being shared. Silat has changed my life and pushed my martial arts abilities to the next level! ”

Luke Choppen

“The Life Art aspects are as interesting and beneficial as the incredibly effective martial art principles. Joining the Silat Fitrah Online Learning Community is one of the best decisions I have made. The lessons and training are excellent – you really feel like you are in the class, or having private one-to-one sessions, with these great teachers – with the benefit of being able to replay the lessons when you want, as often as you want. Then there are the monthly Zoom Get-Togethers with the rest of the community, that allows us to ask questions and share experiences. Plus, it’s great being able to send videos privately for personal feedback. I have found the Life Art aspects are as interesting and beneficial as the incredibly effective martial art principles taught, helping me understand more about me – physically, mentally and emotionally. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to take the opportunity to join our community andlearn Silat in this unique way with these inspirational teachers. Guru Muda Sean Lloyd. ”

Guru Muda Sean Lloyd.

“Learning Silat Fitrah has opened up a whole new level of understanding of movement. The online lessons are easy to follow, at your own speed and in your own space! Advice and support is easily available from the Gurus and in the Online Community where we share experiences, challenges and support each other through our Silat Fitrah journeys.”

Cathy Welch

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