Hi, I’m Eddie Quinn.

I began my martial arts journey 36 years ago. I’ve been a full-time instructor since 2002.

I believe that teachers should teach from the heart and be committed to their own personal study and improvement.

Although I teach others, I am a student first and foremost. I understand what it’s like to be in that role. I know how to see things from my students’ perspectives. I know we all have our own needs.

I teach because I’m passionate about introducing people – of all ages and abilities – to the many benefits that martial arts training offers.

If you are looking for a simple, powerful, and proven method of self-defence that is easy to learn and to maintain, The Approach is for you.

If you want to study a complete martial art that combines striking, takedowns, groundwork and weapons training with an holistic approach that goes beyond physical self-defence, then Silat Fitrah is ideal.

Best always,


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