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Eddie Quinn
Eddie Quinn
Founder of The Approach Self Protection Method

About the instructor

My name is Eddie Quinn. I’m a professional martial arts teacher based in Solihull, England and I teach martial arts and self defence around the world.

I began my martial arts journey after an unprovoked attack on the 23rd November 1984 when I went to the aid of three girls who were being abused by a number of youths as they were waiting for the bus.  

One of the group pulled out a switchblade and stabbed me six times. I was stabbed in the right ventricle in my heart, liver, bowel, gall bladder, head and thigh.  After extensive resuscitation in A&E I was handed over to a thoracic surgeon who saved my life.  

During one of my outpatient appointments one of the consultants asked me if I had ever considered taking up a combat sport. 

I had thought about it but was yet to take any action, the Doctor’s words spurred me on and changed the path of my life forever. 

I began to seek out the best martial arts teachers from around the world and rebuilt my life through martial arts.

After 15 years of hard training, I began to teach martial arts to a handful of people. Today, I’ve taught literally thousands around the world. 

In 2008 I developed The Approach Self Protection Method. 

The reason for this was simple, It’s been my goal in life to help people who feel vulnerable know they can handle themselves in any situation… And I can only teach so many people at one time in person.

So I decided to create The Approach online training course so you could have access to it anywhere in the world. 

The beauty of The Approach is that it is easy to learn, maintain and retain under pressure which is paramount in a violent encounter. 

The Approach has been tried and tested worldwide from military professionals, police, bodyguards and security personnel, to martial arts instructors and their students, to moms and dads and their children.

The Approach works for everyone. 

Over the years I have travelled all over the world teaching The Approach to members of Royal, Presidential and Prime Ministers Bodyguard Detachments, Counter Terrorist Units, Police Officers, Anti Poaching Units, and Elite Military. 

For the past 2 consecutive years The Approach has been voted System of the Year at The British Martial Arts Awards and I also won Reality Instructor of the Year 2017. 

When I filmed this online training course , my objective was (and still is), to connect with you and make you feel like you were actually in person with me learning The Approach. 

I want you to be able to watch, absorb the information and practice this life saving self defence method knowing that should you ever need it, you’d be ready to utilise The Approach. 

I believe great teachers change the world for the better by helping others improve their lives, their aspirations and their outcomes. 

Teachers remind us of the difference one person can make.  I want to make that sort of difference for you.

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