Applications from Jurus 1 and 2

Guru Tua Chris Parker Presents

This unique film, not originally meant for release in this format, combines 11 short lessons that Guru Tua Chris and I filmed years ago, providing over an hour of detailed instruction in the nature and application of the opening sequences to both Jurus 1 and 2. As ever, Guru Tua combines great martial arts instruction with thoughts and suggestions about how we can apply martial principles to enhance our everyday lives.

Content includes:

  •  The opening moves of Jurus 1 and 2

  • How to use elbow strikes to attack incoming punches.

  • Ways of redirecting and/or condensing your opponent’s body.

  •  Ways of combination hitting.

  • How to combine strikes with ‘wraps’ and ‘wrenches’.

  •  How – and why - to cover and hit simultaneously.

  •  Time and space management – how to ‘start before your opponent starts’ and the importance of using peripheral vision.

  •  How to be hard to hit, whilst hitting hard.

  • Applying the principle of ‘No passive movement’.

  • Incorporating foot-pins into your upper body striking.

  • Pre-emptive strikes.

  • Hitting on different ‘lines’, and how to use your body to maximum effect.

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Your Instructor

Instructor Bio:

Chris Parker began training in Pencak Silat under the guidance of Bapak Hj Idris bin Alimuda in 1976.

The two met in Cheltenham, England, where they were both students. It was the start of a lifelong relationship - and a lifelong study for Chris.

Over the years, Chris developed his own approach to sharing the art, which Bapak named Silat Fitrah.

Whilst the martial aspects of Silat Fitrah focus on the use of blades and the threat of multiple opponents, Chris has always prioritised an holistic approach to his training, referring to what he teaches as a Life Art.

Chris’s most senior student, Guru Eddie Quinn, has been training with him for over 27 years and is the lineage holder to the art. It was Guru Eddie who, in 2019, finally persuaded Chris to help him bring the art to a wider audience.

In conjunction with his study of Pencak Silat, Chris has been practising meditation on a daily basis since the late 1970’s. This, too, was inspired by Bapak Idris.

In the 1980’s Chris researched a wide range of different breathing practises and incorporated some of these into his personal training. This interrelated mix of Silat, meditation and breathing has influenced every aspect of Chris’s life and continues to be a source of great learning.

In his professional life, Chris has spent over four decades studying and teaching interpersonal and intra-personal communication and influence. He is a highly experienced academic, teacher, trainer, career coach and hypnotherapist. Chris is also a novelist, poet, biographer, writer of non-fiction and no.1 Amazon bestselling author.

Chris Parker